Alexandra Daddario in the White lotus

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  1. 52qs

    Plop was one happy dude

  2. samwilson96

    I still wait for a scene that tops the scene from True Detective

  3. Pessimistic_Gardener

    In that situation, there is absolutely no way that you would not have kissed that nipple.

    No chance whatsoever !

  4. Riommar

    That’s the type of present I’d like to unwrap for Christmas.

  5. Hobolonoer

    You don’t need acting skills to look this excited.

  6. peeweeinbama

    Way to go new Jim!!!

  7. whatyoumeanmyface

    I didn’t realize she showed her tits in this show. I couldn’t make it past ep.1.

  8. V_y_z_n_v

    Lucky Plop

  9. londoncatvet

    Hey, has anyone else else noticed that she has really nice tits?

  10. HoraceGrantGlasses

    Plop moving up in the world.

  11. sdmh77

    That guy is fine!! He can def get it 24/7

  12. bougieboy1997

    Her tits have shrunk

  13. KingDrewski

    Man, bravo to that guys will power. Even if it wasn’t on the script, I would’ve probably kissed the tittie and say it was an accident/heat of the moment.

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