Alexandra Daddario huge plots in True Detective

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  1. CptCheez

    A scene so perfect, it has its own sub.


  2. GoldenGod04

    McConaughey may have had a career resurgence with this show, but Woody definitely had more fun.

  3. symbiotics

    scene so good it has its own subreddit

  4. SarahRios206

    Wouldn’t be a normal day on Reddit without this clip.

  5. Jake_Griz

    Two Woodys in this scene for sure.

  6. Rated_PG-Squirteen

    I wonder if Woody has ever given his candid thoughts about this scene. I couldn’t imagine what would be going through my mind the first time Alex Daddario took off her shirt and revealed her perfect titties right in front of me.

  7. Greatsnake2020

    Literal daily posting competition between this scene and the Voyeurs scene

  8. MexJay

    I never get tired of this scene

  9. FootPoundForce

    If he wasn’t already Woody…

  10. DtctvFngrlng

    Now I can die.

  11. [deleted]

    The GOAT

  12. smokierosz

    “Woody” he is

    Fucking Lucky AF!

  13. Rough-Internet-5034

    Which movie/show??

  14. osnapitzyourmom


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