16 thoughts on “Alexa Demie – Euphoria s1e1”

  1. Imagine showing your tits only to be completely forgotten because your costar showed them in the same episode and the world went wild.

  2. I think it is funny she showed them in E1, but ever since then she has kept them covered.

    She wears some pretty NSFW shit on the show, but still covers the nude bits.

  3. I’ve watched all the great shows. Sopranos, Breaking Bad, West Wing, etc.

    But this is the most creative and unique drama I’ve ever seen. It’s not perfect. But the cinematography, acting, screenplay, are the best I’ve ever seen. More to the point I think this show is discussing and working through all the biggest issues facing humanity right now. Social media, gender, economic disparity, class warfare, respect for each other, drug addiction, its all there. Like a gaping wound to show the world. I would say watch the first episode and see if it’s your taste.


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